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Schiphol Group's mission is Connecting the Netherlands: permanently connecting the Netherlands to the rest of the world in order to contribute to prosperity and well-being in this country and elsewhere; Connecting to compete and to complete. We conduct our domestic and international operations in a balanced manner, and in doing so reflect our key values: reliability, efficiency, hospitality, inspiration and sustainability.
Connecting the Netherlands

Schiphol Group is an airport company with an important socio-economic task. The airports of the group, and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in particular, create value for society and for the economy, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Connecting the Netherlands is meaningful from various different perspectives, as it involves both economic and human aspects. First of all, connections lead to sustainable growth. The more direct connections there are between the Netherlands and major centres all over the world, the easier it is for Dutch companies to do business internationally or to attract high-quality knowledge. Connections augment prosperity. They increase the appeal of Dutch cities as locations for foreign companies and head offices. This is a significant asset in a globalised world where economic activity tends to concentrate in a limited number of metropolitan areas. We refer to this as Connecting to compete.

And then there is the human aspect: Connecting to complete. Connections have a human dimension in that they enable people from different countries to meet and create social networks. As such, connections contribute to the well-being of individuals and societies in all parts of the world.

The network of connections is the heart of Schiphol. Schiphol's customers include a large number of airlines, and the mainstay of our network of connections for both passengers and cargo is our home carrier KLM. We can only facilitate those connections if we are able to provide the airlines and their passengers with top-class facilities and sufficient capacity. Our connectivity also depends on the accessibility of our airports by public transport and by car, for travellers and for people working there. The same applies to cargo: good connections to the road and rail networks are essential.

Schiphol Group believes it has a duty to maintain Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and to further develop it as a Mainport. The regional airports in which Schiphol Group participates – Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport – play a crucial part in this. Connecting their respective regions with the rest of Europe, they provide a major extension to the network of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, in terms of handling both leisure and business traffic. In the future, Lelystad Airport will provide space to support the further development of Schiphol's Mainport function. Our international participations, too, contribute to strengthening the Mainport.

For us, connection means more than merely facilitating OD and transfer passengers. We are developing our airports not only as journey start and end points but also as inspiring locations where people can pass their time, do business and work.

We take our environment into account in everything we do. We are very conscious of the impact of aviation activities, for example on the environment and on the available space. We are also aware that the benefits and drawbacks of our airports are not evenly distributed across the surrounding region, and are therefore constantly working with our stakeholders to mitigate the consequences and investing with a view to improving the quality of life in the immediate vicinity of our airports.