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2014 Management Agenda

In the past year we have worked towards expanding our capacity and improving our competitive position. Due to effective cost control and the growth of passenger volumes, airport charges have been reduced by approximately 7% with effect from 2015. The preparations for the development of the new terminal and pier (referred to as 'Area A') are well underway, although a number of issues have yet to be resolved before finalising the design. We are also working hard on upgrading the current terminals, including central security in the non-Schengen area and the renovation of Departure Lounge 2. The new central security filters for non-Schengen destinations are expected to be completed as scheduled. Work on a number of constituent projects will continue through the second half of 2015.

We have made considerable progress in implementing our strategy for both retail and real estate. Furthermore we have generated a higher operating result and Schiphol Group enjoys a solid financial position. In the year ahead, we aim to further enhance the professionalism and efficiency of our organisation.

2014 Management Agenda

Top Connectivity

Visit Value

Competitive Marketplace

Sustainable Performance

Promote the development of the Mainport by continuing to focus on aspects such as competitive airport charges

Further implement the Master Plan, including development of Area A

Continue our intensive dialogue with stakeholders

Complete major investment projects with minimal disruption to operations and with specific attention for Corporate Responsibility

Ensure sufficient liquidity and access to financing

Consolidate international activities and Schiphol's international position

Achieve our Corporate Responsibility objectives

Further successfully implement the Retail Vision 2020 and improve the market position of our Real Estate business based on the 'Creating Preferred Locations' strategy

Focus on a lean organisation and further efficiency improvements

Achieve our compliance objectives

Target achieved

Target partially achieved

Target not achieved